Erotic Awakening


Erotic Awakening
SYC x Fiona McCoss

Secret Studio, Hackney

Erotic Awakening is a journey back to our innate essence as erotic feminine beings.


Are you curious to explore & embody your erotic archetypes?


Do you want to feel magnetic & seductive in your feminine energy?


Have you ever tapped into your dark primal desires?


How would it feel to know that you could turn yourself on & that you have the key to your erotic embodiment?


We have been taught from a young age to be/do/say/act in "such" a way [insert conditioning] and that has lead to a distortion of how we truly desire to express ourselves sexually. Cue insecurity, cue disappointment, cue boredom. Why? Because we have moulded ourselves to a version that is "more acceptable" - rather than show the world (or the bedroom) who we really are & what we want. Let's rewrite the script from what is "expected of us" to expressing ourselves just the way we want to. And remember: our first & most important lover is our self.


Erotic Awakening is a playful, pleasure-filled, sensual, explorative one-day urban retreat where we'll be awakening & expressing our erotic feminine archetypes to experience liberation, joy, expansiveness, & turn on. Get ready to meet the sensual, seductive, dark, and wild aspects of your sexual self.


This experience is a recommitment of self-lovership, of self worship, of self devotion through tantric practices, sensual awakenings, to redefine your pleasure & sexuality.


There is a wealth of empowerment when we unlock & tap into the wellspring of our sexuality - our eros, our life-force - and it all starts with you.


Embody your Erotic Awakening, ignite your eros, and turn yourself the fuck on.


What to expect:


erotic feminine embodiment

dance & intuitive movement

pleasure practices

sharing circles

& more....


10.00- 10.30  Arrivals, introduction, tea in garden 

10.30 - 11.30 Sensual Breath-work and somatic practises with Gabrielle


11.40 - 13.15   Erotic explorations with Fiona

13.15 - 14.15   Lunch

14.15 - 15.30. Pleasure practises with Fiona


15.40 - 17.00  Intuitive movement and sharing circles

17.30 - 18.00   Closing and Guests leave 

*this schedule is an example, facilitators may adjust timings and content according the the requirements of the group and the rhythm of the day. 


About Fiona

Fiona McCoss is a women's empowerment mentor, a feminine embodiment facilitator, and a pleasure, sex & sensuality activist from the UK. She has spent the last five years travelling around the world going against the grain & challenging societal "norms", committing herself to radical expression of self. Fiona supports womxn in becoming the fullest, most unapologetic version of themselves by remembering & reconnecting with their wild feminine essence.


She believes the missing piece this world needs is a returning to embodied self love through an integration of our full self. Befriending the dark & the taboo along the way.


She facilitates impactful spaces that support women in returning to their truth, liberated, and empowered, offering 1:1 mentoring, powerful group programs, events & retreats. Visit her website: & stay connected with her on Instagram where she is most active @fionamccoss



"I’ve explored so many parts of my erotic nature I didn’t even know where there. But most of all I’ve made a commitment to myself, to my needs, my pleasure, me first... always. That under no circumstances I will ever be a shitty lover to myself. Fiona is the most empowering and embodied teacher that speaks with such truth and power." 

Lou, England

"The container that Fiona creates penetrates through old patterning, feminine wounding, and resentments and reveals the individual, empowered, embodied woman within who is crying out for release... The freedom I experienced from the insight of your program is unparalleled and I will be continuing to utilize this material again and again. I feel much more aligned with my inner wisdom and am a stronger and more unapologetic woman because of this course." 

Grace, Canada

"I have awakened my sexual, sensual self once more, a part I thought I had lost through becoming a Mother. I feel a sense of aliveness and vibrancy I didn't have before. My confidence has increased and I definitely give far less f**ks about a tonne of stuff that may have bothered me before." 

Tansy, England

"I realise how strongly my pleasure was rooted in the masculine and taking away the goal-oriented outcome for my pleasure allows me to have more of it! Your program gave me the space to really commit to myself and commit to my body and my practice and make space for exploration. I didn’t realise how much I needed this work in my life and always felt like I had a pretty good self-love practice… but wow, who wants “pretty good” when you can have AMAZING!" 

Kari, Australia


About Gabrielle


Gabrielle founded Secret Yoga Club in 2012 with the intention to elevate the studio practise with an immersive experience in an interesting environment, enhanced with live music and a gong bath. 


To complete the multisensory experience,  guests sat down to dinner cooked by chefs from restaurants.


Since those first era defining events, Gabrielle has created activations for brands including: Nike, The Royal Academy of Arts, Stylist, Selfridges, Villa Lena and Soho House.


Gabrielle continued to set trends within the wellness world by creating unique experiences and retreats that explore ancient technology with contemporary practises. She’s also credited with introducing left field teachings and practises (like full moon ceremonies, sound baths and pussy gazing!) into the mainstream audiences that enjoy them today.


Dubbed “The Yoga Guru” by British Vogue, Gabrielle’s teachings encourage a wholistic and intuitive approach to being and loving, nurturing kind and inspiring spaces for self-enquiry and evolution. She teaches an intelligent, breath-centered practise and that she adapts for different occasions and environments. 


She has been teaching yoga since 2011 and published her first book, Secret Yoga Club, with Octopus in 2020.