Sweet Human Being: SYC x Edition Hotel 

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Sweet Human Being 
SYC x Edition Hotel

MarshMeLLo + Gabrielle Hales


Gabrielle and Marsha will be taking you on a sonic and somatic journey to awaken your body and brighten your senses. Celebrating our return to the joys of sharing physical space, Gabrielle will lead a multi-faceted session: a blend of ancient technologies, movement and modern wisdom, for all sweet human beings.


Marsha will be playing her tunes and celestial vibrations to guide you into the blissful realms. Class will begin slowly with the breath, to gather the mind into the universe within. Movement will evolve gently, carried by all the textures, colours and beats of Marsha’s music.


The class will gather momentum, creating a flow that dances on the sweet tunes, harnessing the energy of moving in unison with a room of other beautiful humans.


The perfect start to the weekend ahead. An Awakening and a celebration.

Tickets are £30 and are open to the public.


Gabrielle Hales

Gabrielle founded Secret Yoga Club in 2012 with the intention to elevate the studio practise with an interesting environment, enhanced with live music and a gong bath. 


To complete the multisensory experience,  guests sat down to dinner cooked by chefs from restaurants including: KILN, Smoking Goat (Ben Chapman) Trullo (Tim Siadatan), Som Saa (Andy Oliver) Petersham Nurseries (Chris Leach). It was a more social, celebratory vibe. 


Ahead of the wellbeing zeitgeist, SYC introduced people to the practise in a fresh and exciting setting. Since those first era defining events, Gabrielle has created activations for brands including: Nike, The Royal Academy of Arts, Stylist, Selfridges, Villa Lena and Soho House.


Gabrielle continued to set trends within the wellness world by creating unique experiences and retreats that explore ancient technology with multidisciplinary practises. She’s also credited with introducing left field teachings and practises (like full moon ceremonies, gong baths and pussy gazing!) into the mainstream audiences that enjoy them today.


Dubbed “The Yoga Guru” by British Vogue, Gabrielle’s teachings encourage a wholistic and intuitive approach to being and loving, nurturing kind and inspiring spaces for self-enquiry and evolution. She teaches an intelligent, breath-centered practise and that she adapts for different occasions and environments. 


She has been teaching yoga since 2011 and published her first book Secret Yoga Club, with Octopus 2020. 


Marsha MarshMeLLo is Marsha by name and mellow by nature. Marshmello, Marsha by name Mello by nature. Basically, Marsha came from the dance floor to the mic as an emcee to the decks, dabbled in music production and still does. 

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