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Sweet Human Being: SYC x Edition Hotel 


Sweet Human Being 
SYC x Edition Hotel

Huma Jalil + Ben Hazelton + Flavio


Centered Softness

Huma is a senior teacher with a wealth of knowledge of the yoga lineage and the practise. She teaches a steady rolling flow, born of Ashtanga and Jivamukti tradition. Her sessions are warm and wise, always seeking to teach her students how to appreciate and nourish the gift of life in each moment.


Huma will be teaching a joyful class to celebrate the beauty of this universal intelligence that recreates itself moment to moment with each breath. The asana practise will be nourishing and grounding, to anchor architecturally into the body, using breath to simmer the mind and delve deep into the interconnected tapestry, through sound. 


Ben will be accompanying her session on his double bass, alongside Flavio on drums. A Shamanic live sound duo to inspire practitioners to connect with the womb of the Earth.  Afro-Cuban rhythms of the Batá (devotional /ceremonial) tradition performed by Cuban percussionist Flavio are fused with Ben’s sliding sensuous Double Bass.  It will be medicinal and magical. Calling sunshine in your body.


Huma Jalil 

Huma grew up in Islamabad, the majestic Himalayan foothills of Pakistan and this is where as a teenager the initial seed of Yoga was planted.  At age 21 she moved to London and completed an MA in Social Anthropology at SOAS University. This passion for and interest in the mystical and messy human condition continues to enrich and inform her practise.


Her classes focus on breath awareness, alignment, and the interconnected nature of matter, mind and spirit.  The methodology is both intuitive and steeped in the traditional aspects of yoga inspired by some thousands of hours of study and personal practise.  She views the science and art of Yoga as a sacred life long journey revealing to us the extraordinary and infinite within the rich, interwoven tapestry of our everyday lives and the natural world.  


Huma feels blessed to have found this path that guides us back to our hearts, heals the body and elevates our consciousness, while creating a counter balance to the stresses and distractions of modern life. 

Ben Hazelton

Ben started regular professional work when he was 15 – gigs and shows of all sorts. Studied at Middlesex University for a degree in jazz music. Scholarship to study on the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Program in Washington D.C. In 2002 & 2003. The worshipful company of musicians awarded Ben ‘young jazz musician of the year’ 2003. He plays with anyone who is anyone on the London jazz scene. Also has an interest in Indian classical music. In the last few years he has been studying Indian tabla, with which he performs professionally.

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