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Secret Yoga Club

From yoga classes to retreats and workshops, Secret Yoga Club is all about bringing unique people, settings and teachers together, to encourage creative processes and let you see yourself completely.



Yoga and Supper

A weekly gatherings of likeminded souls. Yoga with SYC founder Gabrielle Hales, followed by a simple, home-cooked meal.

In Hackney. 


Earth Work

We are beyond excited to be partnering again with Blue, a talented artist and practising witch for a multi-sensory retreat, 19th - 22nd August in a beautiful Venue in Norfolk.

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SYC Hen and Birthday Gatherings

Imagine this… A day retreat, in our Studio and Secret Garden.
You get to choose your dream day, starting with a movement practise of your choice, to get into
your body, fire it up, ground and shake it out.


Gabrielle has been teaching yoga for ten years and started Secret Yoga Club in 2012, to gather a community of like-minded people


She still loves teaching most, treasuring the power of alchemy, intimacy and liberation. Moving deeper into the earth of our bones to taste our own presence. Fostering freedom in our personal universe, physically and psychically. Vivifying and enlarging life so we remember to be generous and proactive.

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