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Secret Yoga Club creates inspiring and nurturing spaces for people on a quest to evolve.


We offer immersive experiences by weaving diverse healing modalities with creative practises. 


Modern expressions of ancient wisdom, for our future ancients. 


Sipping the nectar as it blossoms in the intersection between wellbeing, mindfulness and the arts. 


Wherever you are, we invite you to journey with us. 


Every Body is treasured and welcomed.



SYC continues to seek new artists, teachers, wisdom seekers, healers and witches to create profound and delightful experiences. 


Our work is born of out of love and each person we welcome is a kind human, whose offerings are unique, inspirational and transformative. 


We cherish ongoing working relationships and seek to grow together, alongside our community.


Continually reminding each other of our capacity for evolution and metamorphosis.


Seeds of stars, seeking Change.


Secret Yoga Club was born of a longing to gather a community of like-minded souls to journey together. 

It started accidentally in 2012. The idea arrived when I went to a restaurant with a chef friend.


I distinctly remember feeling this warmth and generosity - the incarnation of hospitality.


Like I had been scooped up into the bosom of a huge family of the best kind. The ones that reach out brazenly and devour life. 



Over the years, SYC has evolved through word of mouth into a global community. 


We welcome everyone into the fold as an old friend. 


Retreats can be a family affair, with lovers, mothers and babies. 


Some of our most loyal followers came to Gabrielle’s first ever yoga classes. 


They invite their loved ones, and so we grow. 


It’s such a privilege to watch people arrive, unfurl and blossom into lasting friendships. 


Our gatherings have seen people fall in love, share homes, childcare, co-create and collaborate.


It’s the SYC magic!


Since inception, the intention behind SYC was always to create a space steeped in kindness, in which everyone feels cherished. 

Over the past few years, Gabrielle became aware that there was a need for SYC to grow and diversify its offerings to ensure that absolutely everyone can find a safe space that will support them on their own, unique journey.


SYC has always worked with teachers of all cultures, ages, sexual preferences beliefs and practises.

In 2017, when Gabrielle started writing her book, Secret Yoga Club: Self Empowerment through the Magic of Yoga, it was important to her that all women included in the book represent the beautiful melting pot that is the world. 

Through SYC, Gabrielle is committed to contributing to the changes that need to happen, particularly within the wellness world, to create accessible spaces where everyone can look around the room, feel a deep sense of belonging and know that there is a teacher who can honour and hold everything they have experienced through their body.

It is important to Gabrielle to ensure that anyone who has been subjected to racism, homophobia, or ignorance and cruelty with regard to their skin colour, body shape or sexuality, feels safe and treasured within our community.

With careful curation, we hope there will be somewhere everyone feels welcome to speak freely and openly about anything, most particularly experiences that may be specific to their race, chosen gender or sexuality. 

We will seek to endlessly evolve our offerings to create a diverse programme that represents everyone, so that SYC embodies the fullest and most genuine expression of tenderness and inclusivity.


Here are some of the ways SYC and Gabrielle are actioning their values in meaningful ways.

  1. The SYC programme will be curated with integrity to ensure our family of practitioners are representative of our global family.

  2. Gabrielle has committed to the life-long journey of anti-racist work, both personally and within SYC. She has signed the Anti-Racist small Business Pledge and vowed to continue this work every day.

  3. Gabrielle signs and shares petitions, writes letters and makes phone calls to contribute to structural change.

  4. Gabrielle works with transparency and honesty. Classes, co-creations and collaborative retreats are done on a profit share basis to ensure a fair exchange of energy, time and love. 

  5. SYC is a living wage employer. 

SYC if you have ideas on where we need to improve, please get in touch.

We welcome constructive feedback and mindful conversations.

Please get in touch,

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