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School of Whole : Online

Be the most expansive version of yourself!

Welcome to School of Whole, an online program that will activate your body, your sensuality and creative power so you can finally be 100% you.


School of Whole
SYC x Lacey Haynes

Doors open 19 - 26th April


Do you feel like you’re ready to step into the next part of your evolution?


Do you want to reclaim your body, your pleasure, your pussy, you power and your voice?


Do you want to feel ready, self-sufficient, alive, inspired and in your own, sweet flow?

Do you want a promotion, a career change or more recognition for your work.


Do you look at women blazing in truth and power, and KNOW that could be you. (It will be!!)


I am so excited to be collaborating with Lacey Haynes, an amazing teacher offering life-changing learnings and tools that mine the depths of feminine sexuality as the source of divine power and the essence of evolution. 


This is work everything!! 


These practises and tools have completely revolutionised my relationship, my sex and pleasure, my work, my communication, my confidence and my life. I cannot recommend them more highly

Doors open 19th - 26th April




You know what you want and how to get it.

You're connected to your magnificent body and epic intuition

You're sexually alive, creatively buzzing and ready to be the full

expression of yourself every. single. day.

You're friends and family are blown away by your newfound power. 

You're finally taking up space in the world and being 100% you.




Have you felt stuck? Not very sexual? Creatively blah?

Do you find it hard to be your full self? Or even know who your full self is?!


We’ve been there too. Once Lacey realised this one thing though, everything changed. You wanna know what it is? Here it goes…

In your body, you have an immense power source that’s masquerading as a weakness. This course will help you access it.

Using bold and simple tools, Lacey can help you unlock your power centre so you can live a more expressive and vibrant life fuelled by pleasure and creativity.

Lacey shares the tools that have elevated her sex life, discovered a wild new career path and finally started feeling authentically and radically whole. 

This work will change your relationship to your body, working through feelings of guilt and shame and transmuting them into love, connection and celebration. 


Exploring self-pleasure as medicine and meditation, you will connect to your pussy, accessing more shimmers, sensations, transcendence and the power that comes with that creative energy and self sufficiency.


About Lacey

Lacey is the founder of School of Whole, a radical online program for feminine empowerment and self development.


She's been featured on BBC World News, The Guardian, The Economist, Red Magazine, Metro UK, BBC Radio and more.

Since 2011, she's been teaching women how to be in their bodies, how to express themselves and how to expand into the fullest, boldest — and most importantly, truest — version of themselves.

In 2018 she launched her signature Pussy Gazing workshop selling out 5 times in London and Berlin. In 2017 and 2020, she inspired millions worldwide to rethink their relationship to pregnancy and birth when her two free birth stories made international headlines.


Her classes on DoYouYoga exploring feminine qualities of embodiment and slowing down have been taken by tens of thousands of people.

She’s co-founder of Everybody Elevated, an educational platform she runs with her husband Flynn Talbot. Their videos on sex and relationships have been seen by over a quarter of a million people and their online course, Sex Elevated, currently has 2800+ couples and singles enrolled.

Fusing her diverse background as an experienced yoga teacher, international performer and feminist academic, with her gifts as an intuitive healer, she's created a holistic system for healing and change for women who want power, pleasure and a life devoted to being 100% whole.

LH_C2_8039 (1).jpg

Let's blow your life, legs & dreams wide open



Forget what you thought you knew about womanhood, femininity and creative and sexual power.

Let's rewrite the story and put your body, your inner voice and your creative expression at the centre.


Turned On

It's time to reactivate your body; reimagining turn on, arousal and sustained sensuality.

Learn simple, potent and actionable tools to embrace your body's wisdom, claim your womanhood and utilise your sexual energy in newfound ways. 



Dive deep into bold approaches to healing, exploring lineage and your personal narrative with sex & creativity.

Tap your intuitive powers, rewire your life for the New Feminine and reclaim your space in the word. 


What's included in the School of Whole?

Let’s break it down…

  • Lifetime exclusive access to School of Whole

  • 6 in-depth modules taking you from A-Z

  • The power to choose your own pace

  • 90+ pages - School of Whole course book

  • 20+ guided practices

  • 10+ hours of video lectures and embodied practice tutorials

  • Community - The WOW (Women of Whole) Facebook Group

  • The School of Whole App to access the program anytime, anywhere

Special Bonuses

  • Whole Heart Communication Mini Course

  • Pussy Gazing Masterclass

  • Monthly LIVE virtual workshops

  • Much More

Module 1: Getting Started

Get clarity, direction and strategies for success so that you can make the most of this epic program.


We’ll set you up for a win by doing a deep-dive into resistance and inner obstacles so that you a) get to know yourself better and b) are ready to go on this life-changing journey.


You’ll gain new vocabulary through Power Language, unlock emotional literacy, begin experiential learning through the In Body method, be guided to set an intention and vision for your work while creating a bit of beauty along the way.


18 pages | 5 practices | 4 lectures | 111 minutes of video content

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Module 2: The In Body Approach

Now that you’ve got your foot in the door, it’s time to get to know yourself from the inside out. This module will completely transform your relationship to your body, giving you a new lens for pleasure, creativity, healing and what it means to be a woman. Expect bold tools, a massive reawakening and a newfound zest for life.



You’ll learn about Sacred Triangle theory, the sacral chakra, the life-changing Pleasure / Creativity Connection all while coming alive through In Body approach to learning.



11 pages | 4 practices | 4 lectures | 88 minutes of video content

e about you.

Module 3: Re-sensitising Your Life

If you want to experience sexual pleasure, creative inspiration, less stress and a deeper connection to your life, you’ve got to awaken your senses and come fully online. And this module has got all the tools you need!






You’ll learn to use my famous Pussy Breath technique (it’s only half as weird as it sounds), rewire your mindset through the Pleasure Over Orgasm approach, rewire your body for pleasure while working through my Resensitisation Therapy practices.


13 pages | 4 practices | 8 lectures | 136 minutes of video content

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Module 4: Womb Energetics

Often dubbed the “best module of School of Whole” it’s time to get to know yourself in a completely new light. Through Womb Energetics and a connection to your personal and ancestral storylines, we’ll journey into an entirely new framework for healing, self-realisation and becoming exactly who you were born to be.


From Womb Energetics to ancestral healing, Motherline theories and practices to exploring the In Body landscape of your hips and pelvis, you’ll land on the other side of this module with a greater connection to your body, your past and your vision for the future.


17 pages | 3 practices | 3 lectures | 140 minutes of video content

Module 5: Mindset & The New Feminine

Breaking free of performance in favour of being real takes practice and this module will lay a foundation for you to do just that so you can be authentic in all areas of your life, from the bedroom to the boardroom. You’ll begin tracking your cycle and connecting to your inner rhythms, healing unhelpful behaviour patterns, while digging into your mindset to create more abundance and optimism like whoa.


From The New Feminine to Mindset Shift & Body Perception Transformation, learning the truth behind addiction (hello social media and coffee!) and gaining a better understanding of your period this module will have you saying HELL YES from start to finish.


19 pages | 4 practices | 4 lectures | 108 minutes of video content

Module 6: Living Whole & Sustained Sensuality

Let’s call this baby the grand finale! This module is all about integration; taking what you’ve learned in School of Whole and fully applying it going forward. We’ll do an entire review of the course, from top to tail, encouraging you to understand the full scope of your personal journey.





From the Pleasure Extension to a womb massage, cleansing past lovers to sustained sensual living and your future, this module will serve as both an endpoint and a springboard, closing your time with the program while setting you up for the life of your dreams.


13 pages | 3 practices | 4 lectures | 122 minutes of video content

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