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Gabrielle has been teaching yoga for ten years and started Secret Yoga Club in 2012, to gather a community of like-minded people


She still loves teaching most, treasuring the power of alchemy, intimacy and liberation. Moving deeper into the earth of our bones to taste our own presence. Fostering freedom in our personal universe, physically and psychically. Vivifying and enlarging life so we remember to be generous and proactive.


Borrowing from many different disciplines and teachers, classes are a hybrid of teachings from the Hatha, Saiva Tantra and Kundalini yoga lineage and contemporary healing modalities. 


With the deepest gratitude to the Indian heritage of the Yoga lineage and the guidance of some incredible women: Jean Hall, Carolyn Cowan, Zephyr Wildman and Mollie Morris. 


Classes begin with pranayama to land into the waters of our body. Movement flows on the swell or release of the breath, to cultivate a deep sense of presence and integration. Practise is either slow or dynamic, dependent on the offering. Attention is paid to sequencing, strengthening, alignment and release. 


Class is accompanied by a carefully considered playlist to compliment the practise. Sessions always close with a guided relaxation, sometimes with the shimmers of a crystal bowl bath to hypnotise disobedient minds.


Gabrielle hopes to channel the wisdom of her teachers and share practises that heal, rewild, foster wonder and a deep sense of love, comfort and connection. 


Scattering star seeds in the wondrous land of your body. 


Gabrielle teaches bespoke private, group or corporate sessions from the Hackney Studio, online or in your own home. 


Please see the Bespoke section to book. (put this in bold maybe??)


*The idea of star seeds is borrowed from the brilliant Octavia Butler’s 1993 science fiction novel, ‘Parable of the Sower’. 

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