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Suren Seneviratne : SYC x Edition Hotel 


Sweet Human Being 
SYC x Edition Hotel

Gabrielle Hales + Suren Seneviratne 


Gabrielle will lead a multi-faceted session orientated around the breath to deepen presence and awareness.


A blend of ancient technologies: colourful breath-work, movement, self-touch and modern wisdom, for all sweet human beings.

Suren is a talented musician and will be weaving his multilayered soundscape through the session, carrying the rhythm and mood of the class with his unique blend of textures and melodies. Cultivating joy and harmony within the body.

The class will gather momentum, creating a flow that dances on the sweet tunes, harnessing the energy of moving in unison with a room of other beautiful humans.

Tickets start at £15 and are tiered. Please do pay what you can afford.


SYC has subsidised some spaces for our friends who are on income support or struggling to make ends meet.


Please also see below. 

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Suren Senveviratne


Gabrielle Hales

Gabrielle’s intention is to create a kind and welcome space for people to awaken sensation, stillness, clarity and both cosmic and earthly potential. 


Class opens with the breath, to guide people into fascination for their own multifaceted inner world, towards the poetry of presence. 


She begins movement slowly, coaxing stiff bodies out of numbness or hibernation. Easing into feeling, fire, or just a deliciously slow flow to build up gentle heat and unlock tension. 


Classes are open to everyone, with modifications for people that are beginning to discover these exciting practises and some suggestions for those that might want to stretch themselves (ahem) further. 


Sessions are all different - sometimes rigorously planned and other days the collective requires spontaneity and receptivity. Often with music, but sometime with the breath as the guide. 


All offerings are intended to welcome feeling, build intuition and self-trust and relieve the bodymindsoul of tension and stress. 


Gabrielle has been teaching for 12 years and has had her first book published, Secret Yoga Club with Octopus, Hachette. 

She teaches with huge gratitude to the motherland of India, to past and present Guru’s (the translation for this Sanskrit word is the remover of darkness, though more commonly understood as mentor or guide.)


Her trainings have included a 200hr training in India, Jivamukti 200hr, Esalen massage course, Triyoga Advanced Teacher training (⅓ way through) and the privilege of working on retreats and workshops with incredible teachers such as Jean Hall, Carolyn Cowan, Zephyr Wildman and Janice Hellens. 


She has an eclectic approach to creating her own classes, though her perspective is one Nondual Saiva Tantra. The body is celebrated as an expression of the divine, and one incarnation the universal consciousness that pulsates through all nature and beings. The senses are portals into presence and expansion. 

Suren AKA My Panda Shall Fly  is a Sri-Lankan born multi-disciplinary artist & musician based in London. Having trained at Goldsmith's University, Seneviratne has released music on many international record labels including Project Mooncircle, Five Easy Pieces, Tape Club, Gang of Ducks, Activia Benz & Soundway and performed extensively across Europe at platforms like Tate Modern, Barbican, Boiler Room, Resonance FM, BBC Radio & more. Recent work includes sound design for Roundhouse, Sadler's Wells, Novation and Google Daydream VR.

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