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Letty, CIL and Gabrielle : SYC x Edition Hotel 

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Sweet Human Being 
SYC x Edition Hotel

Letty Mitchell + CIL + Gabrielle


This session will be a ceremony of enchantment. An invocation to our guardian spirits and angels to gather, a blessing of beauty, a song of gratitude for those who stand behind us, a loving call for those spirits that may dwell in waiting. 


Samhain is a time when the Spirit realm is close, when the veils between this world and the next are especially flimsy, the presence of our ancestors is more profound and the channels for codes and messages bright and magnetic. 


A potent portal of magnetic stillness to align in mystery and wonder. To crystallise our intentions and cast our spells out into the endless shimmery mist of the universe beyond. 


A process of enchantment must involve all senses:  sound, ritual movement and touch, scent, taste, sight


CIL will be casting a web of sound to capture your minds and your spells. Letty and Gabrielle will be guiding you through a ritual of presence and clarity, guiding you through ceremonial movement inspired (with gratitude) by Eastern yogic practises to attune your body to receive.


The session will close with the poetic stillness of sound, with beautiful CIL.


This offering is open to everyone, especially if ritual or ceremony is quite new to you. 


The experience will always be poetic, whatever meaning you ascribe to the powerful energy we will kindle together. 

Letty Mitchell

Letty Mitchell is a movement artist, a Yoga/mindfulness teacher and an art enthusiast with a career stretching over a decade.

Her work focuses on mindfulness, mental health awareness, yoga, anatomy, the phenomena of Qi, creativity, the links to neuroscience, as well as the concept of reality. Her work portfolio has extended into the medical industry, the wellness industry, the fashion industry, the creative industry and fitness industry.

Letty has worked closely with the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery to implement Mindfulness and Resilience awareness as part of the surgical training portfolio, has been part of faculty supporting nursing staff during the pandemic and this year was an invited speaker at their annual conference presenting on Equality and Diversity in the medical industry, 

Amongst the variety in her work, Letty has one mission. To help people in their self-realisation. To create spaces for healing. To be in the power of creativity.

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South-London born sound artist CIL experiments in the field of electronic music, using a blend of spoken and sung poetry, and live electronics to communicate aspects of her identity. Her most recent creation is Juniper, an electronic MIDI instrument she built during lockdown.


Gabrielle’s intention is to create a kind and welcome space for people to awaken sensation, stillness, clarity and both cosmic and earthly potential. 


Class opens with the breath, to guide people into fascination for their own multifaceted inner world, towards the poetry of presence. 


She begins movement slowly, coaxing stiff bodies out of numbness or hibernation. Easing into feeling, fire, or just a deliciously slow flow to build up gentle heat and unlock tension. 


Classes are open to everyone, with modifications for people that are beginning to discover these exciting practises and some suggestions for those that might want to stretch themselves (ahem) further. 

All offerings are intended to welcome feeling, build intuition and self-trust and relieve the bodymindsoul of tension and stress. 


Gabrielle has been teaching for 12 years and has had her first book published, Secret Yoga Club with Octopus, Hachette. 

She teaches with huge gratitude to the motherland of India, to past and present Guru’s (the translation for this Sanskrit word is the remover of darkness, though more commonly understood as mentor or guide.)


Her trainings have included a 200hr training in India, Jivamukti 200hr, Esalen massage course, Triyoga Advanced Teacher training (⅓ way through) and the privilege of working on retreats and workshops with incredible teachers such as Jean Hall, Carolyn Cowan, Zephyr Wildman and Janice Hellens. 


She has an eclectic approach to creating her own classes, though her perspective is one Nondual Saiva Tantra. The body is celebrated as an expression of the divine, and one incarnation the universal consciousness that pulsates through all nature and beings. The senses are portals into presence and expansion. 


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