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SYC x Clay Coven : Hackney


SYC x Clay Coven


10.00 - 6.00 pm

Secret Studio, Hackney

As a continuation of last year’s exploration of witchcraft,  Gabrielle (SYC) is excited to join Blue Firth (Clay Coven // Dohm shop) to create a multisensory series of workshops and retreats that weave together some of the many practices that add magic to our lives.

The next SYC x Clay Coven retreat will be held on the 30th May with the intention to celebrate and tap into the growing light and verdant freedom of Spring in bloom. 


The day will focus on the Tarot, introducing or developing a basic knowledge of the cards and how to evolve personal tarot practice for yourself. 

This will be complimented by an exploration of the breath to channel a cleansing and vivifying portal of light.  

We will also create a black clay candlestick to light your way through the year. 

Looking at the tarot as a tool for reflection and dream-weaving, we will discuss the origins of the tradition, its archetypes and how it can be used in modern life to enlighten and empower. 

We will look at the current year card (number 5) V The Hierophant and ask collective questions about how our values and actions intersect. 

You will also learn about your personal cards and learn to implement their lessons into your year by using various spreads, rituals and meditations.

Please bring a pencil and notebook, along with a tarot deck.​



What's Included:

This is a very beautiful day, incorporating lots of different elements. Without giving too much away, here is what is included in your ticket. 

We will also send you an email with more information, including the address five days before the event. 

But if you do have any questions, please email


All clay materials

Breath-work and meditation

Introduction to Tarot

A warming home-made lunch

Tea and cake



A beautiful keepsake candle stick, fired and glazed by Blue 

Blue Profile.jpg

About Blue

Blue is an artist/designer working

with clay.

Her other outputs include podcasts on witchcraft, tarot readings and bespoke rituals.

These sit alongside a design practice which works with brands and collectives whose focus is on intuitive design, sustainability and care.

She also lectures Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University

Blue has worked with: The Royal Academy of Arts, Koenig Books, Baro Gallery, CCA Derry, Londonderry, Strange Attractor, Cowdray Estate, Syson Gallery, TG, Milena Silvano, Ssōne, Legion Projects.

Her website is

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