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Yin for Hearts and Minds


Yin for Hearts and Minds 

Secret Studio, Hackney

A slow, releasing practice allowing for observation and introspection. Embracing a deep surrendering to what is as a means to slow down and reflect on individual processes physically, mentally and emotionally in a safe inclusive environment.


All proceeds of this class will be donated to hearts and minds charity.

All guests will receive a voucher gifted by Lululemon for a pair of bottoms.

 LGBTQIA + non binary people and allies are all welcome.

“Hearts & Minds is the UK’s only peer led charity and service for young people experiencing mental health difficulties. We are unique in being a national community run entirely by young people with lived experience, for young people with lived experience.”

About CK

CK (They/Them) is a multi faceted being who navigates both allopathic and holistic realms of well being. They create and facilitate gender inclusive spaces in many domains including yin yoga, meditation, breathwork and sound therapy. 


Through their own ongoing process of healing they recognise the value and importance of stillness in self discovery. Cultivating a safe space to introspectively embrace the mind body connection.


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